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Fly O'Clock Arcade Arcade Machine

Fly O'Clock Arcade

Join the epic challenge where time is your enemy. Jump over clock hands and try not to get hit. Check how long you will survive on the clock face, and remember - time is always against us so hurry up to make a full go of 60 minutes. Ticket Bonus will be your reward.

Fly O’Clock is a highly-addictive arcade jumper with simple one-touch mechanic and unique flytastic graphics.

Main features:

- One or two player (VS) skill redemption game
- HD graphics on a 55” monitor
- LEDs on marquee topper and cabinet
- Easy game play: innovative one-button game mechanics
- Adjustable settings and ticket redemption rewards

Product specification:
- Product's availability - pre-order
- Includes: dual entropy 2000 Ticket Dispenser & Dual Coin Mechanisms (DBA and Card Swipe Compatible)
- Length: 34″ (86.36 cm)
- Width: 33″ (83.82cm)
- Height: 106″ (269.24 cm)
- Weight: 418 lbs (200 kg)
- Power: 230/115V


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The press says

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  • 04 Nov,2016
    "Based on the mobile game of the same name, the cabinet design certainly fits well with the theme. It also features co-op play and single button play design."
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  • 16 Sep,2016
    "This is a simple one button game where you play a fly that has to avoid touching the moving clock hands on the wrist-watch."
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Fly O'Clock Arcade